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Hexstatic release a mix a day for a month

Hexstatic release a mix a day for a month… so thats 30 mixes! Too good to be true? Apparently not, grab them all HERE via Robin’s Mixcloud page. Here’s the first 3, The rest can all be heard via Mixcloud HERE Hexstatic – 42Mix by Robin Hexstatic on Mixcloud “Blankets at the ready, this mix […]

First glimpse at some of the tech set up for the new AV show

First glimpse at some of the set up for the new AV show. 2x Serato Scratch Live set ups, one of which runs through a modified QFO. There are also multiple cameras mixed via a Roland vision mixer, customised OSC layouts on iPad and iPhone and more… all being tested and tweaked at the moment.

siPad is getting remixed again…

Every time i do a show or rehearse AV routines i consider how i can improve my main OSC layout. What features do i actually use? What needs to be clearer and larger? What buttons/faders should i group together? Im still changing it all the time but here’s the current version… (Click image to enlarge)

In The Beginning (Rane)

Rane have recently launched their new look website, which is fantastic, and with it have kicked off a great thread of articles and this one about the origins of the DJ mixer i found especially fascinating.. “I was thinking about the complexities of a project I worked on recently when it occurred to me how […]

Cheeba beanie hats (Coming Soon)

ON a recent trip to Morzine in France i met up with the ladies from Stardust Factory who kindly invited me to join their team and don some custom beanies for them. I, of course, jumped at the offer being that i like to wear a beanie hat 80% of the year and am pleased […]

Soundcheck: Touch OSC layouts for iPad & iPhone (Free downloads)

I got into using a digital vinyl system after 10 years of digging for doubles, breaking my back carrying crates to gigs, replacing endless worn crossfaders, sticker dropping with tweezers and, more often than not, wincing at unwanted skips and scratches. I even went though a phase of trying to change records at such pace […]

Solid Steel ‘Mix of The Year 2012’

We’re approaching the end of the year and it’s time for you to let us know your favourite mixes of the year. As always, we’re looking for TWO votes and we have another bumper prize from Solid Steel, Ninja Tune and Serato to give away to one lucky winner. The FIRST vote is for your […]

DocVek & Cheeba ‘Rane 62C’

Here it is, the first pics of the new and updated DocVek & Cheeba design for the new Rane 62 mixer. Coming soon we have a short video explaining the new set up against the old one with download links for all midi files and templates. Hold tight

Interview for GBC Magazine

photo by Vent GBC Mag asks DJ Cheeba some questions following his return to Soundwave Festival and what thing’s he will be throwing in the mix this time round! As your heading out to Soundwave festival in Croatia this year, what are the crowds going to expect from you, or is that a complete surprise? […]

Solid Steel Mix of The Year Competition

Solid Steel Mix of the Year competition We’re into December and it’s time to look back at a vintage year on Solid Steel. We’ve had some fantastic guest mixes and of course the resident DJ’s have come through strong as ever. The weekly Solid Steel show now has up to 14,000 listening each week through […]