Back in the day… Cassettes

Without wishing to sound like an annoying uncle who goes on about old media formats, i have always been a fan of the humble cassette tape. When i heard they were phasing out the sale of blank cassettes i went and bought all the decent ones i could find… I loved their chunkiness and listening to an album was just that… no skipping to track 7! In fact The Walkman that saw me through my school years didn’t even have a fast forward or rewind so it really was all or nothing.

One day i’ll make a proper mixtape and put it out on cassette… i still have a decent 3 head tape recorder/player and still listen to a few tapes now and again. Digitising them just seems a bit criminal to me and i love the clucky sound of the mechanism.

The point of this starry eyed ramble was because my good friend Granpapyellaman passed this to tape to me the other week and i thought i’d share. Its a tape i made on my old Vestax PMC 03A… there’s no scratches on it, the cover was drawn in MS paint or something and it highlights how shallow my record collection was in those days. Saying that though there are a quite a few good tracks on there and the beginnings of some sampling skill (keith chegwin flexi disk yo) and it was all done in one take… well probably practised quite a bit but still, no layering and certainly no software.

‘This Side’
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‘That Side’
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