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Double Vision

After School Special (Drug Education – Remixed)

Shindig At Home Festival – 23rd May 2020

Double Vision (Lockdown version)

Lockdown Live Stream

Lo-Fi Funky Space Quest

Skiddle Interview with Moneyshot & Cheeba

Plan 9 From Outer Space (music that inspired the BFI re-score)

‘Return To The Boom Bap’ (sample spotting comp)

Return To The Boom Bap

DJ Cheeba on ‘The Source’ (Made In Bristol TV)

Plan 9 From Outer Space (Re-Score)

LIVE: Caught In The Middle of A 3 Way Mix

Sci Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder (The Watershed, Bristol)

3 Way Mix interview DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot & DJ Food

Spur1 Radioshow Oktober 2014 Rec Session DJ Cheeba

‘Back To Biba’ (Swinging London) VJ Mix

3 Way mix interview (Video)

After School Special (Drug Education – Remixed)

ElectroChoc 9 : Quotidienne 6 – SOIR 3

DJ Cheeba’s After School Special (Chapter 1) – Preview

Traffic Jams Part1

‘3 Way Mix’ promo videos, artwork and tour dates

Solid Steel 25th Anniversary Competition

Mr Benn ‘Shame’ (Feat: Emskee, DJ Cheeba & Souls Liberation)

Nantes, France 2011

Solid Steel 25th Anniversary Shows

Axiome Presents Be Uncivilized at The Recyclart (April 2012)

Full Moon Party – White Hub, Chamonix

DJ Cheeba now on Elastic Artists

New press release for 2013

Hexstatic release a mix a day for a month