Hexstatic release a mix a day for a month

Hexstatic release a mix a day for a month… so thats 30 mixes! Too good to be true? Apparently not, grab them all HERE via Robin’s Mixcloud page.

Here’s the first 3, The rest can all be heard via Mixcloud HERE

Hexstatic – 42Mix by Robin Hexstatic on Mixcloud

“Blankets at the ready, this mix features several snippets of dialogue from the radio version of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.”

Hexstatic – 333Mix by Robin Hexstatic on Mixcloud

“A recording from the infamous ‘All Night Schlong’ nights at the 333 Club, London,..run by our good friend Neil Boorman aka the original ‘Shoreditch Twat’. He invited people to take over a floor of the club for the whole night. Sometimes we played for 6 hours straight, sometimes invited guests. Neil wasn’t too impressed when he found our friend Laura playing her first ever DJ set while we got wasted in the VIP room upstairs, but thats how it went. A brilliantly curious mixture of people just up for a party. It was always very, very, very messy. This half hour is the only recording.”

Hexstatic – BreezeblockMix by Robin Hexstatic on Mixcloud

“A mix recorded for Mary Anne Hobbs Breezeblock show on BBC Radio One sometime in 2000,..I think? Again, some repeats, notably the Unsung Heroes track which features in about 3 mixes including the Solid Steel CD. Useless fact: I’ve never met Mary Anne Hobbs.”

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