After School Special (Drug Education – Remixed)

After 3 years of research, cataloging and editing, After School Special went live online in March 2014 and I am now taking bookings for an extended live version that is best suited to a sit down audience due to its thick narrative and occasionally intense subject matter.

After School Special is a sample based look at a century of drug culture across a huge spectrum of film and music. Aiming to educate, interest and amuse all who have and have not experimented with “party drugs” the hundreds of songs and samples cross reference the thousands of video clips that have been remixed to drive the narrative and deliver a balanced message concerning the pros and cons of recreational drug use.

The concept is inspired by ABC’s After School Specials. A series of ‘made for TV’ films designed to educate teenagers on socially relevant and often controversial subjects, originally broadcast by The American Broadcast Company from 1972 – 1997.



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