Cheeba beanie hats (Coming Soon)

ON a recent trip to Morzine in France i met up with the ladies from Stardust Factory who kindly invited me to join their team and don some custom beanies for them. I, of course, jumped at the offer being that i like to wear a beanie hat 80% of the year and am pleased to say we will soon be able to offer these DocVek deigned logo hats via the shop for general sale.

Fleece lined and hand made with serious quality and attention to detail these hats are are at home either on the slopes or just keeping the cold off your ears wherever you live.

Stardust Factory also interviewed me and put up a profile on their website that you can see HERE (or copied below)

stardust factory cheeba stardust cheeba beanies

“Based in Bristol, DJ Cheeba pioneered the combination of banging beats and iconic, obscure or random music videos in a live setting. He describes his style as ‘cut and paste’ music, which you can listen to yourself here!

Q: What’s your background Cheeba?

I’m from Devon originally but now reside in Bristol, home of good music and people. I’ve been djing for about 15 years or so but its only the last five years that have been really successful.

Q: Was it always your plan to mix sound and music during your set? Which came first?

Ah, music is always the key ingredient but video allows you to communicate with the audience better and can add syncronised atmospheres and lights to enhance the sounds. I got into mixing music and sounds long before video but have always had a keen interest in film and video.

Q: What was the highlight of the last 12 months for you?

I had a baby in September which is the biggest thing to happen in my life, let alone the last 12 months. Other than that i’ve enjoyed the reactions to the Led Zeppelin and Beastie boys documentary remix projects.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year?

This year I aim to finish up the various projects i’ve been working on as well as the Solid Steel 25th anniversary shows around Europe.

Q: You’ve played in Morzine a couple of times, how did that go?

Morzine is always really welcoming. The Basscamp crew always spoil me and the mountains are insanely big and varied for all day riding.

Q: We heard you’re big into your downhill mountain biking. Have you tried Morzine in the summer?

No. Sore subject. I’m desperate to but summer usually gets busy with the UK festivals and its hard to find a week where i can get away.

Q: And what do you like to listen to while you pedal?

You know, i’ve only just started to listen to an ipod while riding bikes and boards again. Best stuff i’ve found to ride to is The Slew or Motorhead.

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