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Videocrash present:

DJ FOOD (Ninja Tune / Solid Steel) - LIVE A/V SHOW




Village Underground
August 25th 2016
**Tickets on sale tomorrow 10am**

Videocrash returns with an almighty thunderclap, managing to bring together four of Ninja Tune and Solid Steel's most exciting and exclusive alumni for one of the biggest A/V events of recent years. With performances of each an ever increasing rarity, this is quite simply an unmissable show.


DJ Food is doing things with turntables that no one else is.' – Pitchfork

With his performances like the rarest of gold dust, we're incredibly excited to have coaxed Ninja Tune pioneer DJ Food out of his sonic laboratory to head up the newest Videocrash instalment with his incredible A/V show.

For nearly a quarter of a century the Solid Steel veteran has been at the forefront of experimental breaks, loops and samples serving up veritable sonic feasts that (inevitably) evolved into the visual plane. His FutureShock Live A/V show is a jaw dropping project that began life as an audio mix but grew into something much more: a sensory overload that takes you on a journey through leftfield hip-hop, electronica, jazz and hypnotic psychedelia, all woven through a sci-fi lens.


"An accomplished fusion of styles...a triumph" - The Skinny

We welcome back Japanese deck slayer DJ Kentaro for his first UK show in over two years. The first ever Asian DMC Champion (with the highest ever score in DMC history), Kentaro is quite simply one of the world's greatest ever turntablists. Surgically and dexterously slicing, flipping and chopping his way through hip-hop, reggae, drum & bass and more, with full scale A/V production, the Ninja Tune alumnus does things that you never thought were possible with 2 turntables, mixer and projector!


"A beatastic smattering of sounds so intoxicating that… you'll never want to leave" - Drowned In Sound

The unique pairing of classically trained double bassist Sneak and incredibly deft turntabilist Peter Parker saw Fingathing as one of the somewhat unique banner bearers of Mark Rae's cult label Grand Central (Ninja Tune in the US). Their live shows come alive, literally, with Chris 'Cavetroll' Drury's cast of animated cartoon characters bursting from the screen in time with Sneak's nu-jazz licks and Parker's hip-hop scratches. Their full live A/V shows are somewhat of a rarity so miss it your peril!


"Cheeba — the new Director General at Flip-Flop-Trip-Hop AV-TV" - Hexstatic

Hailed as one of the most progressive audio visual artists around today and picking up the mantle of the Solid Steel legacy, DJ Cheeba is the sound of their new school. His unique style of turntablism and video manipulation winning him an ever increasing fanbase of devoted fans who hang off his every cut and scratch.

Shows like this don't come around too often: Four of Ninja Tune and Solid Steel's finest artists under one roof, for one night only. Simply unmissable.


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