Its competition time!


Yes yes… more free swag to giveaway.

Since the site launched a few weeks ago we have had loads of interest, lots of people joining the mailing list, a few winners of the promo gifts, loads of comments and tons of mixtape downloads! Now we want to take it to the next level and this is where our competition comes in…

There are two categories, each with prizes from our promo swag pile for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1) Viral video:

Create a short video to market The video can be anything up to 2 minutes long and must promote ‘’. The top three entries will be determined by how may views the videos have achieved by the 1st Decemember 2009. It doesn’t have to be a film with slick editing and stunning graphics, its all about how viral you can make it… that means, its a video people will watch, pass on and forward! use Youtube, Vimeo, MySpace etc but please only upload your video to one host. Combined counts from different hosts will not be counted.

2) Viral marketing:

Not everyone is has access to video production tools such as cameras or editing software so we’ve opened this category up to all forms of viral marketing… this means you could create a poster for print, tattoo yourself, get a t-shirt on the Dali Lama, etc. Use your imagination to inspire others… The top three entries will be chosen for their ‘creativity and proven impact’ so its not just about your new tattoo but where it is and how many people have seen it. hubba hubba!

For more info on ‘viral marketing’ see Wikipedia

To give you some ideas… here are the top ten viral marketing campaigns of all time according to The Times newspaper (2007)

1st prize:

Rane / Serato ‘mega memory watch’, Scratch Live T-shirt, a DVD copy of ‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ and stickers.

2nd prize:

Docvek & DJ Cheeba TTM57 faceplate, Scratch Live T-shirt, a DVD copy of ‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ and stickers.

3rd prize:

Scratch Live T-shirt, a DVD copy of ‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ and stickers.

Further details and pictures of the prizes can be seen HERE

Terms and Conditions:

– Entries for both categories will be judged by Cheeba on 1st Decemeber 2009 (gmt).
– All entries must promote ‘’
– To enter simply post a link in the comments section of this post
– Only entries posted in the comments field below by 1st Dec 2009 will be judged.
– Entrants can enter with as many different adverts as they like but can only win once in each category.