‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ (60min live video mix)

Solid Steel in association with Serato (11th September) and it’s a special one from DJ Cheeba this week. Alongside the weekly audio mix we also have a video version of his “Reels of Solid Steel” mix, plus a video podcast will be delivered direct to your iTunes inbox when you subscribe.

Using two turntables and Serato’s Video-SL plug-in for Scratch Live to enable video controlled and manipulated by vinyl, Cheeba makes the most of this technology… mixing, scratching and juggling both sounds and pictures with stunning results. Original films, remixes and music videos made by Cheeba and James Reed (Thousand Thousand Points of Light) blend seamlessly with video mashups, animations and a wealth of other wonderful and often bizarre visual sources. With over 8 months producing the set and a further 6 developing it at shows, this revolutionary video mix has also been produced to coincide with the launch of www.djcheeba.com the new home of all Cheeba’s mixtapes, videos, blog entries and much much more. Plug in, sit back and “Enjoy this trip… and it is a trip!”


Sadly, we had to reduce the quality of the video by more than half to fit into Vimeo’s 500mb upload limit. If you want the full resolution copy with the best quality sound you are going to have to reach a show to get the DVD or win it on the promo page.


Solidsteel.net playlist