Videocrash 4

Thought i should just recap on the show i did at the weekend. Those lovely folk at Soundcrash put on some of the best music events this side of… well actually, they put on the best music events full stop. This weekend was the 4th of their ‘Videocrash’ events at probably the best venue i’ve ever done a show at, London’s Koko in Camden. Not only was the line up, crowd, sound and vibe incredible but the venue is nothing short of spectacular! Koko on Wikipedia

The night opened with two really cool bands, Oszibarack and Glass Diamond who both impressed with deep and heavy beats and bass fronted by really cool female singers. Check them out. The former reminding me a lot of The Cranes which took me back!


Glass Diamond

Hosting the Night was Juice Aleem. Part of New Flesh and also the MC that has been touring with Coldcut for years, it was a real treat for me to be introduced by him as im a massive fan of his projects, especially his new solo album, Jerusalaam Come, which is one of my favorite albums of 2009. You should go buy it now! Click here

Juice Aleem bigging me up.

A massive thanks to Mo Hague for all of these stunning photos of the night. Boy has mad skills… and a nice camera! You can see the full set on his websitehere

Its not often you get to eat your own head!

Next up were Stonephace. Some stunning musicianship from this much hyped cornish band on the Tru Thoughts label. On this occasion they had a vj with them providing stunning visuals too…

Headlining on the night were, pioneers of the whole audio visual genre, Hexstatic, who on this occasion had one of the most important beatboxers ever on stage with them… Shlomo. He has been around for ages pushing beatbox to new levels with his vocal orchestra project, Foreign Beggars and Bjork. He came on stage with a backing video of muliple layers of his face… rather than me attempt to explain how cool this was, check it out for your self!

If you were there, i hope you enjoyed it as much as me. If you weren’t, you should have been… keep em peeled for the next one!