Videocrash, Glastonbury and A Koala

Well apologies for being so far off the radar… (yet again) i’ve got no excuses but i do have some updates and good news to deliver.

whats been happening? well a few cool shows… Videocrash III was epic as expected, The Anomalies smashed it early on as i hoped they would… if you’ve never caught their show, do! It really is something and while they’re not the hip hop sample monsters they used to be they really do cross over into an indie style with great effect (and obviously free of sample clearance woes in order to promote their album) Hexsatic and the Nextmen got the place warmed up for me (arf) and i went on fashionably late to finish things off. On this occasion i was doing the show without james there to mix the camera feed… Koko is a massive venue, the stage is HUGE and boy I felt small that night!

Glastonbury came and went… it was pretty good. i took it much more relaxed than previous years, enjoyed lots more circus stuff and got alternativly soaked and sunburned. Highlight for me was the Qemists live with Jenna G, since getting their new album out on Ninja it has really grown on me. They opened with S.WA.G. and from there i was locked in. DJ Food followed and sadly came a cropper to a world of sound and video problems… ever the proffessional though he carried it off and kept the tent filling up untill Yoda came on with his slightly more youth aurientated video show. You got to give it to him, he carries his humour well into his show and the kids were loving it but i had to take a walk when he started to mix the Fresh Prince theme tune with inspector gadget.

I was lucky enough to have a video show this year too. At the slightly less human time of 4am monday morning but it was great fun all the same. They had me in the Silent Disco which was a great experience…. if you’ve never been to a silent disco, do! everyone gets wireless headphones and can all control volume independantly. Run by a couple of dutch guys (like all good raving ideas) this trend has been getting more and more popular at festivals to counter act the sound cerfews. Word on the grapevine is there will be one at the Bristol Festival this year in september so maybe i’ll get another go at it 😉

Last week i forfilled a long time dream of djing with Kid Koala… not only the most inventive and musically skilled dj on earth but a seriously humble, funny and all round good guy. I’ve seen him on pretty much every tour he’s ever done in the UK but the simplicity and sheer genious of this show was something else. Hosted by soundcrash in the newly refurbished Garage in Islington… the venue was perfect, my only gripe being it was a bout a million degrees in there and they hadn’t tested the projectors and cables which meant i had to leave the videos out on this occasion.

After the trip to capital city for that show i made it back to Bristol in time for the annual St Pauls Carnival… a huge celebration of culture in the St Pauls area of Bristol. So many beautiful sound systems (and i mean really beuatiful to look at as well as hear)

Check this out…. ‘The King Earthquake’ system from Brighton

Start of a new week and i went to a secret location to catch up with my man Jagos on his radio show. I played some tunes from bristol’s history as well as a mashup mix of lots of mixes i have done over the years… it was great fun, i’d love to have a crack at radio but i dont think i come to life until midafternoon. Jagos was smart enough to record the experience so you can ‘Listen Again’ should you want to?

check it out here:

For a final word i’ve got some new pages for you to check out: Yes, just like myspace, facebook and the rest i have been avoiding twitter. I’ve been assured its a must and a great tool for letting people know what sort of biscuits i like, what time i go to bed and what is currently the most cringe worthy video on the internet.

And i’ve hosted my mixtapes on soundcloud to assist with streaming for my website when it launches. i’ll be adding more once my 5 uploads in month rescriction has passed so keep checking back when you can.

Thanks for reading. As always i welcome gramatical corrections and spelling errors pointed out. there are always a few.