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On tourLIVE: Return To The Boom Bap

Turntable tearaways Cheeba & Moneyshot are back on the road with a brand new four deck, big screen, DJ show. Return to the Boom Bap features the pair cutting and scratching classic Rap videos, and blending up the dopest acapellas

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NightclubLive Music VenueFestivalDance floor DJ Cheeba DJ Moneyshot Audio Visual Book Cheeba Click here

On tourLIVE: Plan 9 From Outer Space (Re-Score)

A full re-score of Ed Wood's infamous B-Movie classic 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' using 2x laptops, 2x mixers, Midi controllers, iPad based synths and drum machines, a voice changer megaphone and an ultra rare QFO turntable. Expect heavy and atmospheric beats with added foley sounds, FX and sound design that add a dark and terrifying edge.

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CinemaArts SpaceSeated Audience DJ Cheeba Movie Re-Score Book Cheeba Click here


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cheebaAbout Cheeba

DJ Cheeba is the sight and sound of Solid Steel's new school. Heady beats and blistering sounds come together with iconic music videos, obscure YouTube finds and creative custom edits as Bristol's DJ Cheeba cuts and splices audio and video live on turntables.

Following the invitation to join Ninja Tune's legendary Solid Steel radio show as a resident in 2010, Cheeba has spent the last couple of years producing a number of themed audio mixtapes and groundbreaking video projects while relentlessly touring some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in the UK, Europe and beyond.

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