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Author: cheeba

Shindig At Home Festival – 23rd May 2020

Here’s the full 80min mix i did in my garden for Shindig at Home Festival. Fun was had FFI: you can also listen to just the audio here:

Double Vision (Lockdown version)

Full mix here as kindly posted by Rane on their Facebook page Details of the mix and the processes behind making such an ambitious idea work see HERE

Lockdown Live Stream

My Double Vision project was one of my most complex AV projects to complete and I’m still immensely proud of it. The live show was a tough fit for venues and festivals though as I used 3 decks, 2 mixers, 2 laptops and 2 screens and presented 2 streams of AV that interacted and cross […]

Double Vision

‘Double Vision’ is a next level audio visual show that has been in production since 2013. Using a revolutionary stage set up including 3 turntables, 2 mixers, customised midi, cameras, multiple video sources and screens, this new show goes further to explore the relation between sounds and images to create an immersive and mind blowing […]

Skiddle Interview with Moneyshot & Cheeba

The duo, best known for their brilliant tribute mix to classic Beastie Boys LP Paul’s Boutique (alongside DJ Food, above), have been bringing their deft skills from turntable rocking to images too, with their current show ‘Return to the Boom-Bap’ a glorious trip down memory lane to the vaunted golden age of hip hop in […]

Plan 9 From Outer Space (music that inspired the BFI re-score)

In 2014 I was invited to pitch ideas for the BFI Sci-Fi festival in the UK. The outcome was a re-score of the most infamous of all sci-fi films ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’. Officially licensed, this was premiered at The Watershed (Bristol, UK) in Nov 2014. This is not an audio version of the […]

‘Return To The Boom Bap’ (sample spotting comp)

Last night me and DJ Moneyshot dropped the promo video for the ‘Return To The Boom Bap’ 4 deck AV show we will be touring this year. Its a 1m20s edit of some of the highlights from the show and if you share the video and can name all 26 audio tracks (not including the […]

Return To The Boom Bap

Turntable tearaways Cheeba & Moneyshot are back on the road with a brand new four deck, big screen, DJ show. Return to the Boom Bap features the pair cutting and scratching classic Rap videos, and blending up the dopest acapellas and instrumentals to live remix some of the heaviest cuts from Hip-Hop’s Golden Era. This […]

DJ Cheeba on ‘The Source’ (Made In Bristol TV)

I was recently invited to talk with local magazine TV show ‘The Source’ about the premier of my Plan 9 From Outer Space project. Below you can see and hear what i had to say including an exclusive clip from the show itself.