Beck’s Vier Music Inspired Art with DJ Cheeba

Back in April 2010 i was first approached by the lovely people from 580 to take part in a tour promoting Becks Vier as part of their ‘Music Inspires Art’ campaign. It involved about 8 dates nationwide showcasing my AV show and drinking the odd pint. (all in the name of promotion of course)

Leeds, Nation Of Shop Keepers – May 20

Sheffield, Bungalows & Bears – May 27

Liverpool, Weather Forecast – June 3

Nottingham, Spanky Can Dykes – June 10

Bristol, Start The Bus – June 17

London, Village Underground – June 18

BOurneouth, 60 Million Postcards – July 1

Portsmouth, Kraken Wakes – July 15

Following this i was approached by marketing company Outsideline who wanted to confer with me about an ad concept they had been working on… a few meetings followed and im pleased to say the shoot and outcome have turned out really well. The ad has now spread like wild fire all over the net and i’ve been greeted by comments about my “frothy lip” by people all over Bristol.

So, here it is… check it out, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your comments


*Oh, and make no mistake, this is not a viral ad full of post production trickery… the beer fonts really were engineered very cleverly to trigger music stems and samples!

DJ Cheeba performs an exclusive live mix using Beck’s Vier beer taps to trigger audio samples and lighting effects across a grid of 600 LED-lit Beck’s bottles. In order to get the beer pumps to play music, we wired each of the 10 pumps to a custom wired Arduino board ( ) As the pump was pulled an electronic contact was broken which then sent signals to a custom made flash application, triggering each sample.