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Cheeba & Snafu Present: High Speed Dubbing

High Speed Dubbing Cover

Recorded live on 4 turntables in a basement studio in Bristol, this mix was conceived, rehersed and finally done live in just two days. Sanfu has since gone on to be one of Bristol’s most in demand scratch musicians making his mark with Se Fire, Stereo 8 and Leisure Recordings among others. The mix is raw and some of the vinyls were pretty beaten up but this, if anything, was a masterclass in sticker dropping.

Detectives of Perspective Live At ‘Unity II’

Unity 2 Mix Cover

DJs (In order of apperance); Cheeba, Meadon, Design & Build, Grandpapayellaman, Cheeba. Recorded live on 4 decks at Bristol’s Lakota, this was part of the annual Unity party celebrating Bristol’s clubbing community with over 25 club nights, 5 rooms and countless DJ and acts.

What The Funk? (Early Cassette)

This is the first incarnation of ‘What The Funk?’… as recorded on cassette back in the day. There’s no scratches on it, the cover was drawn in MS paint or something and it highlights how shallow the record collection was in those days. There are a quite a few good tracks on there though, some […]