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Kormac’s Scratch Party (Feat DJ Cheeba & DJ Yoda)

Kormac, the man who has blown up the whole genre of ‘electro swing’ did the sensible thing and reeled in friends Cheeba and Yoda to join him on this track from his debut album for a ‘Scratch Party’ Details of where to buy the track and the very fine album can be found here

Solid Steel 28/5/2010

In the second hour Cheeba dons his smoking jacket and sherlock pipe for a trip through some blissed out jazz and soul as sampled by Mos def. Recorded live while having a good sit down this is a dramatic change for Cheeba, letting the tracks play in in their full glory with some added words […]

What Does A Detective Do?

Solid Steel in association with Serato (5th February) Cheeba returns with a mix more typical of his live DJ sets. Setting out on some re-edited trip hop from the likes of Depth Charge and Waxfactor leading through to more upbeat dance floor devastation from Diplo, Afrika Bambaataa and Peter Parker. From the Ninja catalogue, The […]

Smerin’s Anti Social Mixtape

This was a commissioned mini mix for Smerin’s Anti Social Club. They are an incredible live band and are now working hard on their debut album as well as releasing a single and video. This mix was designed as taster of their material and live vibe showcasing about 8 or 9 of their tracks mixed […]

‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ (60min live video mix)

Solid Steel in association with Serato (11th September) and it’s a special one from DJ Cheeba this week. Alongside the weekly audio mix we also have a video version of his “Reels of Solid Steel” mix, plus a video podcast will be delivered direct to your iTunes inbox when you subscribe. Using two turntables and […]

DJ Cheeba Investigates… ‘The Case of The Missing Records’

Cheeba CDFront3

Originally broadcast on Solid Steel in April 2008 this mix went on to be voted by listeners as ‘Mix of The Year’ fending off many of the world’s best such as; Z-Trip, DJ Craze and Fourtet amoung many others

“An early contender for Mix of The Year, Cheeba’s attention to musical detail is as meticulous as his cuts, he leaves no stone or style unturned in his search”DJ Food

What The Funk?

What the Funk Cover

This mix was created over two days in a kitchen in Devon. Using Minidisk to record, records piled in order out of their sleeves, some serious sticker dropping and some of the fastest record changes ever seen by a toaster and kettle. ‘What The Funk’ isn’t really a funk mix but does get confusing in places so you can imagine the original, unsensored, title.

Sadly, there is currently no tracklist for this one but artists include; Skitz, Aspects, The Flying Pickets, El-P, Mr Scruff, Freestyle Fellowship, Greyboy and James Brown among others.

Downbeat mixtape 2001

Downbeat Mixtape Cover

This mix was originally part of a 3 track CD which also included a minimix and a track with Blagpuss. It was recorded live at one of the very first apperances for DOP in Bristol way back when.