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It’s intermission time folks

This is transition piece that was produced for the AV show. The main title piece is from the Monty Python Episode ‘Intermission’… Some of the sound and music has been over-dubbed, an animation from a 1950’s drive in reel has been added, Fleetwood Mac’s ambient classic ‘Albatros’ now accompanies John Cleese selling sea birds and […]

Super Sharp Cheeba

The C, The H, The E, E, B, A! Audio by LL Cool J and DJ Zinc edited by Cheeba. The video is edited clips from the record shop scene in Human Traffic. No doubt… “Its going to be banned”

‘DJ Cheeba and The Thousand Thousand Points of Light’ (Live)

Recorded at Videocrash II at London’s Koko 7/2/2009. This is a short edit of the show as performed at Koko back in febuary for the AV Soundcrash night along side Hexstatic/DJ Food & DK/Bomb The Bass/Many more. Thousand Thousand Points of Light Filming on the night from RedHavoc Additional thanks to; Rob & Olly @ […]