The Gunpowder Plot

Saturday 5th November 2011… Smerins Anti-Social Club and In:Motion joined forces to create an explosive mix of live music, aerial circus shows, DJs and fireworks.

Paying homage to the only man to enter parliament with honest intentions were: Gentleman’s Dub Club, Smerins Anti-Social Club (featuring Tenor Fly and Nuala Honan), Babyhead, Gypsy Hill, Dutty Moonshine, Cheeba, Parker, Don Hendicutz, Yoshi, Stricly Steppas, Gaz’s Rockin Blues
(ft Gaz Mayall, Baby Soul and John Stapleton), and Guy Fawkes himself (aka Doug Francisco).

Aerial performances from Miss Radida, Queen Bea, Helina Griffiths, Pemma Ricardo, Rowan Fae, Nenuphar, Shaena and Barnz.

Filming by Dan Narayanan, George Smerin and John Hendicott. Edit by Cheeba.

Track 1: “Schizo” by Smerins Anti-Social Club
Track 2: “Fire” by Gentleman’s Dub Club

Look out for the Gunpowder Plot Part III on Saturday 4th November 2012 (TBC), and other similar events at Motion, Bristol.