Videocrash – ‘DJ Cheeba: Live’ launch party

Friday saw the release of my third video mixtape ‘DJ Cheeba: Live (studio to stage)’ via Solid Steel and to send it off into the web with all the encouragement of a child on its first day of school i got together with London based heavyweight promotors Soundcrash for a headline show at the Rhythm Factory in the capital.

In support i brought in some of my favorite AV acts around who all brought something different to table. Most were doing really progressive AV shows either using a similar Video SL set up to me or in Lumen’s case a pretty sweet Ableton and Resolume hook up with a Novation Launchpad. A massive thanks goes out to you all for getting involved.

Chris Read (BBE / Music of Substance)
Tom Central & Cosmo Lopez (Keep Up!)
Mr Nice (Melbourne, Aus)

Photos by Mo Hague (apologies for the lack of photos of Chris Read and Mr Nice, Mo is not the night owl he used to be)

Also a huge thanks to Soundcrash, Rob Waller, Harley Fidgon, Pheobe Wonder, all at Rhythm Factory and of course all the people who came, saw, danced and partied!