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DJ Cheeba’s After School Special (Chapter 1) – Preview

Preview for the upcoming 60min audio visual montage ‘After School Special’. To be released on April 20th. ‘After School Special’ focuses on a century of drug culture across film and music with an aim to educate, enlighten and amuse. Expect a spectacular collection of samples and wordplay that has taken years to compile and is […]

Traffic Jams Part1

Traffic Jams Pt1 (the questionable pilot) How do you kill time on a long car journey from Bristol to Norwich? Plug in a QFO turntable with Serato and cut up some songs and samples about cars. Please note if you’re planning to do this kind of thing for more than 2 minutes you’ll need a […]

Nantes, France 2011

An oversized white tee and videos from the ‘Reels of Solid Steel’ era, recently uploaded by French Ninja Fred AKA Oof.

BBC ‘Click’ – Arc Festival feature

The BBC’s future technology program ‘Click’ were at the brilliant Arc Festival in Bristol last month filming with the RFID guys about some of the tech imnvolved. Here’s the clip and it also feature’s some of my main stage set too!

Danny Byrd ‘Red Mist’ (DJ Cheeba re-edit)

Quick re-edit of Danny Byrd’s ‘Red Mist’ from the LP ‘Super Sized’ out on Hospital Records. The lyrics screamed Scanners and the head popping bit to me so i made a build up to sit better with that. Sent it to Danny and he suggested i upload it, so here it is! Enjoy… be warned, […]

Zinal Freeride – 2013 video highlights

I’ve somehow landed a residency with a ski and snowboard freeride event in a tiny swiss resort called Zinal. Its one of my highlights of the year and their productions and crowds get bigger and better every year. An amazing community there and some insanely good freeriders

Arc Festival, Bristol 2013

This was my first outing with the new extended set up. 2x Serato set ups, one of which controlled by a modified QFO turntable on a 5m cable loom, 3x 16:9 screens = 20m x 3m, loads of new material and untested routines. Pics here: BBC Click feature: