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Sektor 909, Skopje, Macedonia, 31.03.2011

Me, a 3XL tshirt, some scan lines and really short hair. What you cant see is the 6hr bus journey, 2hrs at the border explaining my equipment with charades and the green haze in the air. Big ups to my host DJ Goce. He’s a badman. This is some of the videos i was gigging […]

I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix)

DJ Cheeba video and audio edit for DJ Shadow’s ‘I Gotta Rokk’ as remixed by Irn Mnky. This edit was made purely for use in my turntable audio visual shows and as such all copyright remains with the original composers. It features clips from ‘This is Spinal Tap’, probably one of my favorite films of […]

J.I.M. Showreel

Brief edit of adverts, tv and film spots featuring music courtesy of Just Isn’t Music publishing FFI:

Bjork – Army of Me / Sucker Punch (DJ Cheeba re-edit)

Audio re-edit of Bjork’s Army of Me and the Sucker Punch remix featuring Skunk Anansie. Video edit is clips from the “first dance” scene in the visually stunning Zack Snyder directed movie Sucker Punch. Im afraid there are no bonus internet points for pointing out continuity errors. This video was made in 4:3 as it […]

Prodigy ‘Voodoo People’ (Pendulum Remix)

Early DJ Cheeba video edit cutting the original Prodigy music video to the Pendulum remix. This video was made in 4:3 as it was intended purely for use in my live turntable AV shows. This edit can be seen in context of my shows HERE Buy ‘Electronic Punks’ HERE Buy the Pendulum remix HERE

The Gunpowder Plot

Saturday 5th November 2011… Smerins Anti-Social Club and In:Motion joined forces to create an explosive mix of live music, aerial circus shows, DJs and fireworks. Paying homage to the only man to enter parliament with honest intentions were: Gentleman’s Dub Club, Smerins Anti-Social Club (featuring Tenor Fly and Nuala Honan), Babyhead, Gypsy Hill, Dutty Moonshine, […]

DJ Cheeba: Live (studio to stage)

Its finally here! After what seemed like an age of research, filming and editing i’ve finished another new mix… this time with emphasis on Live with footage from gigs as well as some green screen shoots at home in the studio. Hope you enjoy it! any comments are very much welcomed. Downloads are also available. […]

Omar Shot Me Down

Having sat through a gazillion hours of The Wire i decided to make this quick edit as an ode to the baddest mo fo in west Baltimore. This edit contains a BIG spoiler from season 3 (you were warned) Music is a re-edit of ‘Shot Me Down’ by High Rankin.​highrankin

Boca 45 – Without A Doubt

Quick edit for Boca 45’s ‘Without A Doubt’ using a couple of videos celebrating Bristol’s recent ‘See No Evil’ art event. A lot of the edits and fx have been done specifically to assist with beat juggling and scratches… i assure you it’ll make more sense if you catch it in the context of a […]