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DJ Cheeba on ‘The Source’ (Made In Bristol TV)

I was recently invited to talk with local magazine TV show ‘The Source’ about the premier of my Plan 9 From Outer Space project. Below you can see and hear what i had to say including an exclusive clip from the show itself.

3 Way Mix interview DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot & DJ Food

Scratch Pro Audio catches up with the kings of cut paste…. DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot and DJ Food for a chat about all things music after they performed a live, one take section of their 4 deck “Caught in the Middle of a 3 Way Mix” routine. A rework of The Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ […]

‘Back To Biba’ (Swinging London) VJ Mix

“In celebration of our exclusive Biba archive collection, audio visual artist DJ Cheeba has created a 15 minute VJ set inspired by the Biba brand and its prominent place in swinging 60’s London. The piece combines music from the era, mixed to archive film footage of Biba and the culture that surrounded the brand, its […]

3 Way mix interview (Video)

Interview we did with the guys from Hardcore Classic to support the 3 Way Mix tour when it reached Sydney, Australia. Includes some fun footage of the show. Apologies for the clearly hungover and sweaty cheeba.

After School Special (Drug Education – Remixed)

After years of planning, research, cataloging and editing, Im happy to say my new video project After School Special is now live. A sample based look at a century of drug culture across a huge spectrum of film and music. Aiming to educate, interest and amuse all who have and have not experimented with “party […]

ElectroChoc 9 : Quotidienne 6 – SOIR 3

“La soirée Hip Hop du Festival Electrochoc. Incroyables live de PHARCYDE et DELTRON 3030 et REEDBONG, performance unique de Dj food, Dj Cheeba & Dj Money shot… d’ores et déjà Mythique !”

DJ Cheeba’s After School Special (Chapter 1) – Preview

Preview for the upcoming 60min audio visual montage ‘After School Special’. To be released on April 20th. ‘After School Special’ focuses on a century of drug culture across film and music with an aim to educate, enlighten and amuse. Expect a spectacular collection of samples and wordplay that has taken years to compile and is […]

Traffic Jams Part1

Traffic Jams Pt1 (the questionable pilot) How do you kill time on a long car journey from Bristol to Norwich? Plug in a QFO turntable with Serato and cut up some songs and samples about cars. Please note if you’re planning to do this kind of thing for more than 2 minutes you’ll need a […]

Nantes, France 2011

An oversized white tee and videos from the ‘Reels of Solid Steel’ era, recently uploaded by French Ninja Fred AKA Oof.