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‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ is now online!

Solid Steel in association with Serato (11th September) and it’s a special one from DJ Cheeba this week. Alongside the weekly audio mix we also have a video version of his “Reels of Solid Steel” mix, plus a video podcast will be delivered direct to your iTunes inbox when you subscribe. Using two turntables and […]

A Brief History of… My MIxers

After reading this topic on Discogs i began to think about the 15 years or so i’ve been hammering, testing and inevitably breaking dj mixers. Im pretty happy with the Rane TTM57 mixer now although even that has had a few issues here and there. Anyway, here’s a list of the good, the bad and […]

Scratch Live coloured control vinyl

Scratch Live control vinyl (All fully official pressings, most have the new label style but a few have the previous). Will be sent as pairs; Red, Blue, Black, Clear. Records play a control tone for use with Scratch Live software (no music)

The continuing adventures of the AV show…

3,2,1… back in the room. Its been a relatively quiet month or so on the gig front, which turned out to be perfect for getting the website ready to go live (its been on a holding page for over 3 years) and get the DVD ready to be seen by all and sundry either on […]

Videocrash, Glastonbury and A Koala

Well apologies for being so far off the radar… (yet again) i’ve got no excuses but i do have some updates and good news to deliver. whats been happening? well a few cool shows… Videocrash III was epic as expected, The Anomalies smashed it early on as i hoped they would… if you’ve never caught […]

Videocrash III

Just a little heads up with a date for your diary… June 6th sees the third installment of the incredible AV night ‘Videocrash’ at the spectacular Koko venue in London’s Camden. Along side the masters of the genre, Hexstaic, will be the Nextmen and one of my favorite bands The Anomalies. This will be a […]