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Beck’s Vier Music Inspired Art with DJ Cheeba

Back in April 2010 i was first approached by the lovely people from 580 to take part in a tour promoting Becks Vier as part of their ‘Music Inspires Art’ campaign. It involved about 8 dates nationwide showcasing my AV show and drinking the odd pint. (all in the name of promotion of course) Leeds, […]

Videocrash 5

A simple edit of clips from Cheeba’s performance at Videocrash 5 on April 10th 2010 at London’s HMV Forum. Apologies for the poor sound.

Boards, beats, breaks and videotapes

Welcome to another exciting installment of Cheeba’s blog (roll) 2010 kicked off in spectacular fashion with 2 weeks in my favorite playground on earth… Chamonix, France. Sitting at the foot of Mont Blanc lies the most happening ski resort in all the alps and probably the world. I’ve been back to Cham for the last […]

Solid Steel ‘Mix of The Year’ 2009

Yo (Ho Ho) Just a quick mail about the Solid Steel ‘Mix of The Year’! its that time of year once again when listeners of the best radio show in the world vote for the best mix of 2009. Not only does the voting fill you with a warm feeling inside but can also net […]

December news

Greetings one and all…. ITS CHRISTMAS! well not quite but i’ve got a tree up and feeling rather festive in the all new studio space here in Bristol. This will be the first of the DJ Cheeba monthly newsletters, I promise i wont spam you with crap… just good news and the occasional blag. First […]

Videocrash 4

Thought i should just recap on the show i did at the weekend. Those lovely folk at Soundcrash put on some of the best music events this side of… well actually, they put on the best music events full stop. This weekend was the 4th of their ‘Videocrash’ events at probably the best venue i’ve […]

Its competition time!

SORRY, THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW ENDED Yes yes… more free swag to giveaway. Since the site launched a few weeks ago we have had loads of interest, lots of people joining the mailing list, a few winners of the promo gifts, loads of comments and tons of mixtape downloads! Now we want to take it […]

The Reels of Solid Steel DVD

Just a quick update this time to say the Artwork for ‘The Reels of Solid Steel’ has now been completed, printed, boxed and ready for promo giveaways at upcoming gigs. The DVD package also contains Solid Steel ‘MIx of The Year 2008’ on CD: ‘DJ Cheeba Investigates… The Case of The Missing Records’. Seems like […]

The new generation of vinyl collecting

Record collecting is a part of being a DJ right? At least it was… maybe it still is. Sort of. There’s now a new generation of DJs out there who have only ever known mp3’s or CDs. They have never been digging in the dusty back room of a record shop, hunting for rare shaped […]

Back in the day… Cassettes

Without wishing to sound like an annoying uncle who goes on about old media formats, i have always been a fan of the humble cassette tape. When i heard they were phasing out the sale of blank cassettes i went and bought all the decent ones i could find… I loved their chunkiness and listening […]